Accelerating climate solutions through laser focused talent strategies.

Fuel your organization’s growth with our Climate Tech talent acquisition strategies including search, advisory, and intelligence services.

Talent is scarce.

Recruiting is Broken.

Talent venture can help.

What is Talent Venture?

In the same way traditional financial investors make bets on early-stage companies – sharing in both their successes and failure’s – Sea Change is placing bets on early-stage climate-focused companies using talent as our form of currency.

What we do





Sea Change is a talent acquisition partner with 15 years’ experience building teams from board to bench in Climate Tech and Cleantech. We provide an end-to-end set of specialized and flexible services to meet the needs of innovative companies from startup to grownup. In addition to traditional search services, we layer in advisory services and market intelligence to ensure a flexible, scalable approach to finding top talent that aligns with an organization’s long-term growth strategy. We help start-ups and investors attract top talent to fill their climate jobs.


Supported, Engaged, and Executive Search (across Professional & Technical roles)


Dynamic Strategies & Due Diligence


Our Insights, Your Advantage

Markets we serve

Climate tech since 2009


From climate tech startups to traditional energy incumbents, we’re working across the energy sector to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.


The future of mobility relies on a deep understanding of consumer behavior and digitization as well as domain expertise in new modes of transportation.


Building the climate solutions we need requires new infrastructure – from a smarter grid to connected communities.

Why we’re different

Talent Partners, not just recruiters

Industry Focus

Energy, Mobility, Infrastructure

Business Model

Flexible fee structure

Startup Specialists

Laser-focused on seed to series B


Horizontal Approach

Board to bench talent acquisition

Mission Driven

Climate tech since 2009


It’s in our DNA

Proven Track Record

Sea Change has years of experience partnering with innovators, investors, and corporations to accelerate their access to top talent and fill their most pressing climate tech jobs.

Founded in 2009

Diversity-Owned and Led

Years of Combined Vertical & Functional Expertise

Portfolio Companies


Global Reach

North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia.

“They’re a true business partner, who intimately understands our industry and stage of growth, helping us hire mission-aligned talent with the right grit and risk profile for our organization. The experience is far from transactional, it’s transformational.”

Dan Forman

CEO, Copper Labs

“As a high growth start up in the climate tech space, we needed to find the right talent partner. Sea Change has access to candidates in a highly specialized industry. They took the time to understand our culture, hiring goals, and requirements and presented us with only high quality candidates and were with us through the entire process."

Marissa Hummon

Chief Technology Officer, Utilidata

“Through deep industry relationships and market understanding, Paige helped me uncover an opportunity that was perfect for me in one of Blue Bear Capital’s portfolio companies. Her uncanny ability to understand what both parties would gain from the relationship paved the way for an amazing opportunity that would not have happened without her.”

James Wagstaff

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Technology and capital alone won’t solve the world’s climate crisis. Join our ecosystem of talented, diverse and mission-driven people to drive a sea change in the most challenging sectors to decarbonize.


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