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Sea Change delivers a strategic advantage to investors, acting as a talent operating partner-as-a-service. Our services, including board to bench search, advisory, and intelligence deliver exceptional visibility to investors and cater to the diverse needs of portfolio companies. Recognized as a true ecosystem partner, Sea Change provides the support your portfolio companies need to manage the complexities of the dynamic climate-related business landscape.


Delivering Organizational Impact.

Discover a transformative approach to search with our specialized climate search and recruiting services, exclusively tailored to the dynamic landscape of this industry. At the heart of our commitment is the strategic building of organizations. We’ve empowered investors and over 75 portfolio companies, enabling them to cultivate robust teams across senior leadership, professional, and technical roles.

Whether it’s scaling up or down based on scope, timelines, or role definitions, our goal is to align our services seamlessly with your objectives. Sitting at the intersection of talent and venture, we excel at identifying and engaging top talent, building innovative teams and organizations from Board to bench. As your flexible collaborator and partner, we offer a competitive fee structure that adapts to your needs.

We go beyond conventional recruitment by delivering specialized talent pools and curated candidate lists, ensuring that each individual is uniquely qualified to scale your climate solutions. Experience the impact of strategic talent acquisition with us — where every search is crafted to deliver organizational success.



Crafting Dynamic Strategies, Achieving Success Together.

As your right-hand partner, we collaborate closely with investors and portfolio companies to not only conceptualize but seamlessly execute hiring plans that align with your growth objectives. Our approach involves a deep dive strategic review of your current and future talent plans. We take the lead in educating your Executive Team and Board on critical market dynamics, conducting meticulous analyses of pricing, competition, and candidate psychology. This comprehensive understanding is paramount to ensuring your ability to execute at scale and stay ahead in this dynamic market.

In addition to strategy crafting, we provide crucial due diligence to aid investors in evaluating the optimal use of funds for scaling across Seed, Series A, and Series B companies. Our climate industry expertise, honed through hundreds of successful searches, positions us as your dedicated talent operating partner. With a wealth of experience, we go beyond conventional practices, meticulously crafting a comprehensive plan for value extension that aligns seamlessly with your portfolio’s unique needs. Partner with us to redefine the benchmarks of achievement.


Our Insights, Your Strategic Advantage.

Unlock the strategic advantage your portfolio deserves with our intelligence services.

Our approach goes beyond conventional strategies. We use data to craft precise talent roadmaps and execution plans, empowering investors to minimize risk and expedite talent acquisition timelines. Through our proprietary platform, we revolutionize the search process, creating detailed personas for individual roles and aligning them with a robust pipeline of candidates. This critical business intelligence is utilized before the launch of any search, ensuring a strategic and informed approach.

We act as a beacon of knowledge for investors and their portfolio companies, utilizing market, industry, and proprietary data to deepen your understanding of market realities and available talent. With access to talent market maps, pipelines, executive referrals, and a stellar reputation, we provide a reservoir of candidates, a pipeline of targets, and talent essential for succession planning. By de-risking talent decisions across all levels of your portfolio companies, we pave the way for success. Partner with us to transform your portfolio’s strategic landscape and gain a decisive edge in a competitive market.

Laser focused on solving the world’s hardest problem.

Years of Talent Acquisition Experience in the Energy, Mobility, Infrastructure, and ESG & Sustainability sectors.

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